If you are suffering from any type of digestive discomfort, it’s ginger to the rescue! Ginger is extremely anti-inflammatory, de-bloating, anti-nausea and gets the digestive juices flowing. It’s also a heating herb, so it’s excellent to enjoy in the cooler months or if your body temp runs a little low. Here, mixed with hemp seeds and cacao, which is raw chocolate powder the two combine to pack a powerful (and delicious) anti-oxidant punch that boosts everything from mood to skin health.

Serves 1 

1 ½ C hemp milk*
½ C ice
½ banana
1 inch knob of ginger, peeled
3 kale leaves, stems removed
1 T cacao powder
1 scoop chocolate protein powder


1.Blend and enjoy!

High Protein 

Calories: 350
Fat (g): 13.5
Carbs (g): 26
Protein (g): 30
Fibre (g): 4.7

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Ginger is as effect as B6 at reducing nausea in pregnancy